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PraxisUnico and AURIL form a single organisation to represent KEC professionals in the UK

Martin Davies, co-Chair of the new organisation (and former Chair of AURIL) said “Our members told us that they would be highly supportive of this development and we are very excited by the many opportunities that this will now provide for our sector as a whole and which will enable us to offer an expanded range of services and benefits to all constituents.  The new Board is looking forward to working with members from across the whole range of organisations we now represent to shape the way forward.”

Update: PraxisUnico & AURIL: Creation of New Organisation
Following an overwhelmingly positive response to the consultation, the Working Group has been moving forward with the process to create a new organisation from PraxisUnico and AURIL. This new organisation will be more effective for our members, providing pooled resources and a single voice representing the sector.

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Every day, the dedicated team at Research bring AURIL members details of technology transfer, IP management, research management, support and contracts jobs in the UK and beyond.

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