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AURIL is the professional association representing all practitioners involved in knowledge creation, development and exchange in the UK and Ireland who work to ensure that new ideas, technologies and innovations flow from their institution into the market place. AURIL has more than 1600 members across Europe, drawn from universities and public sector research establishments.

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Latest News
  • PraxisUnico & AURIL propose creation of new single organisation: Consultation Opens
    A consultation process launches today to collect views of the AURIL and PraxisUnico membership on the proposed development of a new organisation.
  • AURIL Blog
    Updating “The Lamberts”

    At a recent UUK event on “Universities, Communities and Business”, one of the main stage speakers dared to say that he thought that universities were well funded, at which point a witty member of the audience joked that he should be frog-marched from the building!
  • Event Report: NCUB Launch of the State of the Relationship Report 2016

    The National Centre’s State of the Relationship Report launch is establishing itself as an important event in the KE calendar. The early evening reception in London was well attended with a good spread of representation from both member Universities and Businesses.

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